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Human Ecology Review is a refereed journal published twice a year by the Society for Human Ecology

                  Rob Dyball                                                                  Lee Cerveny
             Lecturer, Human Ecology Program                          Research Social Scientist
             Fenner School of Environment and Society             USDA Forest Service
             The Australian National University            Pacific Northwest Research Station
             Room 2.16 Building 141, Canberra 0200                 400 N. 34th St., Suite 201
             Australia                                                                          Seattle, WA 98103 USA
             rob.dyball@anu.edu.au                                                 lcerveny@fs.fed.us

Book Review Editor
Thomas Burns
University of Oklahoma
Department of Sociology
780 Van Vleet Oval, 331 Kaufman Hall
Norman, OK 73019

Editorial Board

Marc Bekoff - University of Colorado, Boulder
Annie Booth - University of Northern British Columbia
Richard J. Borden - College of the Atlantic
Sherry Cable - University of Tennessee
Caron Chess - Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Debra Davidson - University of Alberta
Federico Dickinson - Unidad Merida
Thomas Dietz - Michigan State University
Myron Floyd - North Carolina State University
R. Scott Frey - University of Tennessee
Scott Friskics - Fort Belknap College
Bernhard Glaeser - Science Center Berlin
Vernon Gras - George Mason University
Michael Greenberg -Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Lawrence Hamilton - University of New Hampshire
Luc Hens - Free University, Brussels
Cassandra Y. Johnson - USDA Forest Service
Andrew Jorgenson - University of Utah

Gary A. Klee - San Jose State University
Win Kurlfink - Michigan State University

Ardeshir Mahdavi - Vienna University of Technology
Allan Mazur - Syracuse University
Bonnie McCay - Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Paul McLaughlin - Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Thom Meredith - McGill University
Angela Mertig - Middle Tennessee State University

David Nibert - Wittenberg University

Susan Opotow - John Jay College, CUNY
Peter Richerson - University of California, Davis
J. Timmons Roberts - The College of William and Mary
Robert Sommer - University of California, Davis
Joanne Vining - University of Illinois, Urbana
Thomas Webler - Antioch New England
Michael Welsh - Albright College
Richard York - University of Oregon

Jonathan G. Taylor and Scott D. Wright 

Human Ecology Review is a refereed journal published twice a year by the Society for Human Ecology.   The Journal publishes peer-reviewed research and theory on the interaction between humans and the environment and other links between culture and nature (Research in Human Ecology), book reviews (Contemporary Human Ecology), essays, commentary and applications relevant to human ecology (Human Ecology Forum), and letters, announcements of meetings, awards and other items of interest (Human Ecology Bulletin).   See manuscript submission information for submission guidelines.   For contributions to the journal, contact Susan Clayton at the above address. 
Electronic submissions are welcome.  Send submissions by email attachment to:  humanecologyreviewjournal@gmail.com.

Human Ecology Review is indexed or abstracted in Social Science Citation Index and Current Contexts/Social & Behavioral Sciences in the Web of Science, Elsevier Biobase/Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, Environment Abstracts, Environmental Knowledgebase, Environmental Periodicals Bibliography (EPB), Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts, Social Planning and Policy Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, and Uncover. 

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